AWS Certified Solutions Architect Practice Tests SAA-C01 Exam

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  • 65 Questions

1. You are responsible for optimizing performance of a movie streaming website. Currently, you are working on the search functionality and have discovered that anytime the library database of titles is searched, the load on the database is reaching peak levels. Your current architecture consists of a PostgreSQL database on an extra-large instance. How would you update your architecture to better handle the load? (Choose two.)


2. Which of the following are engines used by ElastiCache?


3. Which of the following are AWS-supported solutions for encrypting data at rest when that data is objects stored in S3 buckets? (Choose two.)


4. You have been brought into a new organization with over 20 different AWS accounts. You are tasked with improving the cost management of the organization and want to recommend the use of AWS Organizations and the consolidated billing feature. Which of the following are advantages of consolidated billing that you could use to support your case? (Choose two.)


5. You are tasked with improving security at an organization that has recently begun using the cloud. It has five developers, a financial manager, and two support engineers. Currently, all eight staff are using the AWS root user for their account. What changes would you make to improve security? (Choose two.)


6. You need to support a cluster of instances that will host a high-volume, high-load Oracle database installation. You cannot use RDS because of a custom plug-in that the database instances require. Which EBS volume type should you choose for the instances?


7. You are responsible for a large AWS environment, and specifically, several subnets within a custom VPC. The VPC contains both public and private subnets. There are approximately 300 EC2 instances within one of the private subnets that uses a NAT device to reach the Internet. Each evening at 11 p.m., the instances push the day’s date to an external data store outside of AWS, available via an API that is Internet accessible. However, you are seeing that not all of the data is getting out each evening, and several of the instances show failed transmissions to the external API. Assuming the API itself is not an issue, what should you consider when attempting to fix this issue? (Choose two.)


8. Which of the following will AWS not allow with regard to EBS? (Choose two.)


9. What is the URL at which an S3 bucket called photoData in the EU West 2 region is accessible for reading and writing, assuming permissions are correctly configured?


10. You are handling a logging update to a fleet of EC2 instances. You have set up a VPC flow log on the group of instances and now want to monitor these logs for a specific set of events, in particular security breaches. To where should the logs be forwarded?


11. You want to provide task- and event-level tracking in a complex application. You’ve been asked to then attach custom code to these tasks and events. However, you are working on an MVP that needs to quickly go to market. Which AWS services would provide you with the most out-of-the-box functionality and require the least amount of infrastructure coding?


12. You are troubleshooting a custom VPC with two subnets. One subnet contains database instances and is not Internet accessible. The other subnet has EC2 instances running web servers. The instances have elastic network interfaces assigned with public IP addresses. However, you are unable to access these instances from the Internet, and they cannot access Internet resources either. What might be causing these problems? (Choose two.)


13. What common step that is often omitted in setting up a NAT instance can cause a failure in routing traffic from an EC2 instance through the NAT instance and out to the Internet?


14. Which of these S3 storage classes is the most durable?


15. You have been tasked with setting up storage for an application that loads large photos from an existing RDS. These photos are then processed by a Lambda function and have metadata added, along with additional filters. The Lambda code is inexpensive and can easily be rerun if needed. You need to decide on where to store the photos once they have been processed. Each photo will likely be accessed between 1 and 5 times over the course of a month and should be quickly accessible. The chief driver for the application and your decision should be cost and user experience. What S3 storage class would you select?


16. You have a growing fleet of EC2 instances that have been using EBS volumes for data storage. Each instance needs access to all other instances’ data, and your custom replication scripts are growing increasingly taxed and complex. What would you recommend to replace the current usage of EBS volumes and replication?


17. You are responsible for setting up the architecture for a new web-based online dating site. You need to create a public subnet in a custom VPC and already have a subnet in the VPC with EC2 instances within it. What other steps would you need to take to make the subnet public? (Choose two.)


18. Which of the following are valid S3 request headers? (Choose two.)


19. Which of the following are support levels offered by AWS? (Choose two.)


20. Which of the following database options are available through RDS? (Choose two.)


21. You have an Auto Scaling group that has a number of instances spread over several availability zones. Currently, there are 10 instances running, and the Auto Scaling group has rules that allow it to grow to as many as 20 instances and shrink to as few as 3. You have been told by another architect that the group needs to scale in. When this scaling in completes, how many instances might still be running?


22. Which of the following are options for writing a CloudFormation template? (Choose two.)


23. You are responsible for building out an application that serves user bases in California, USA; in Tokyo, Japan; and in Sydney, Australia. The application is hosted in regions close to all three major user bases. You want to ensure that users receive localized content in their own area. Which of the following routing policies should you consider for this application in Route 53?


24. You have four EC2 instances serving web content with an ELB in front of the instances. You are configuring Route 53 and want to ensure that the ELB is directing traffic. What sort of record should you create in Route 53?


25. You are the architect for a large migration from on-premises data stores to DynamoDB. As part of this migration, you need to manage the access and authorization for users, but the organization wants all existing users to maintain their Active Directory usernames. What steps will you need to do in order to facilitate this move? (Choose two.)


26. You are working on increasing performance for an application that routinely sees traffic spikes between 6 and 8 p.m. Eastern time every evening. At that time, even with Auto Scaling policies, load increases so quickly that response times slow to a crawl. Without knowing anything more than this about what the traffic surge represents, how could you most easily and efficiently ensure that your application can respond to these surges?


27. You want to improve the performance of an existing DynamoDB database. Currently, you believe that CPU utilization is the biggest concern, although you are attempting to proactively provision additional resources rather than reacting to an existing load problem. Which of the following might be your approach?


28. You have been brought in to reduce costs on a production application. You find that currently, CloudWatch has been configured using the detailed option, and is collecting metrics every minute. You suggest updating CloudWatch to use default settings. Your customer likes the idea of reducing monitoring costs but wants to know how often metrics would be collected in your recommendation. What do you tell the customer?


29. You are newly responsible for a data-driven system that performs search and discovery of a very large database. The database is an RDS MySQL installation currently showing 82% CPU utilization. You are concerned about performance; what steps would you recommend? (Choose two.)


30. You have been brought in to add bits of custom code attached to a number of events on an existing application. The application needs to be updated quickly, and you want to minimize the code you need to write. What AWS solution will offer you the ability to accomplish these goals most quickly?


31. You are investigating an application that uses an SQS queue. Messages are making it to the queue, but those messages are not being processed in the order in which they were received by the queue. You want to ensure that ordering is preserved; what should you do?


32. Which of the following is not a valid routing policy for Route 53?


33. You are responsible for a cluster of EC2 instances that service a user-facing media-rich application, all behind an elastic load balancer. The application has begun to receive spikes of activity at unpredictable times, and your instances are flooded with requests and become nonresponsive in many cases. How would you rearchitect this application to address these issues?


34. You have a long-running batch process that you want to move to use spot instances in order to reduce costs. Which of the following should you consider when evaluating if these batch processes will function effectively on the spot market? (Choose two.)


35. You are the architect for a new application that needs durable storage in the cloud. You have been asked to select an S3 storage class with the maximum available durability. Which option provides S3 storage classes with maximum durability?


36. What differences exist between storing data from an instance on an attached root EBS volume versus storing that data in S3? (Choose two.)


37. You have been put in charge of a set of RDS databases that are not performing at speeds required by the application cluster using those databases. You have been tasked with increasing the performance of the databases while keeping costs as low as possible. The current RDS installation uses MySQL. What recommendation would you make?


38. Which of the following AWS services are components of a high-availability, fault-tolerant solution? (Choose two.)


39. Which of the following AWS managed services are not automatically redundant and require configuration on your part to be highly available? (Choose two.)


40. As a new architect on a large project, you have begun to run vulnerability scans on all public-facing API endpoints of your application. However, these scans are failing, and you have received a number of misuse warnings from AWS. What is the problem?


41. You have recently taken on architecture at a large genomics nonprofit. Currently, the organization imports hundreds of terabytes (TB) daily and then needs to run complex queries against that data. The queries can take several hours, and at times even days, to complete. They write their state to S3 frequently so the queries can recover from failure without restarting. The organization wants to minimize costs associated with this processing. What technologies and recommendations might you suggest? (Choose two.)


42. You have an application that consists of worker nodes that are on-demand instances and processing nodes that are a mixture of on-demand instances and spot instances. Your application collects information and does initial processing as it comes in from users using the worker nodes. Then, the processing nodes perform analytics each evening. Your goal is to use spot instances for most of this processing and only overflow to the on-demand instances in times of high load. However, the spot instances have been terminating more often lately, causing more usage of the on-demand instances. What might you do to increase the usage of the spot instances?


43. You are assisting a company with moving its large data estate to the cloud and reducing its on-site storage costs. The company has serious concerns about performance of the cloud as it relates to accessing its data. What storage gateway setup would you suggest to ensure that the company’s frequently accessed files do not suffer latency?


44. Which of the following take the place of a traditional firewall appliance in AWS?


45. Which of the following are created automatically as part of the default VPC that AWS sets up for all AWS accounts? (Choose two.)


46. Rank the factors considered in terminating an instance that is part of an Auto Scaling group, from highest priority to lowest priority.


47. AWS supports two types of virtualization: paravirtual and hardware virtual machines. Why might you choose one type of virtualization over the other?


48. Which EBS volume type is most suited for workloads that perform OLTP and need to perform extremely well and consistently?


49. After discovering that HTTPS was not allowed to reach instances via a security group, you have added a rule to allow in HTTPS. How long will it take for your changes to take effect on the affected instances?


50. You have discovered that your production database instance is peaking and reaching 90% CPU usage when a set of nightly scripts are run against the database. The scripts perform complex queries and gather reporting data to be distributed via email reports the next day. As a result of the load, the database is performing poorly, and the queries are beginning to take into the following work day to complete. Which option would you recommend to reduce this peak usage in the evenings?


51. Who can delete objects in an S3 bucket with versioning enabled?


52. Your customer has instructed you to encrypt all objects at rest in your application. The customer is frequently audited and must prove compliance with a selective set of government policies. Which encryption approach would you recommend?


53. You have set up three read replicas of your primary database instance. You have noticed that reads of the replicas do not always return consistent results, especially after large writes to the primary database instance. What might the problem be?


54. By default, how many S3 buckets can you create for a single AWS account?


55. You want to create a public subnet in a custom VPC. Which of the following do you not need to accomplish this?


56. What is the largest allowed volume size for provisioned IOPS EBS volumes?


57. Which of the following statements regarding EBS volumes and EC2 instances is not true?


58. Which of the following AWS services does not store data in key-value pairs?


59. You are auditing the EBS volumes of a number of EC2 instances running three web-facing data-intensive applications. You notice that a number of the volumes are configured as throughput optimized HDDs rather than General Purpose SSD or Provisioned IOPS SSD. Why might this decision be appropriate? (Choose two.)


60. Which of the following databases is not supported by RDS?


61. Which of the following statements are true about the default subnet created with a standard AWS account? (Choose two.)


62. Which of the following types of traffic are supported by classic load balancers? (Choose two.)


63. Which S3 storage class has the same durability as it does availability?


64. You want to ensure that no object in S3 is ever accidentally deleted, as well as preserve audit trails for deleted files. What options would you consider? (Choose two.)


65. You have a fleet of EC2 instances serving web content. The instances typically run between 75% and 90% of capacity, and your projections show consistent usage over the next 36 months. What would you recommend to potentially reduce the costs of running these instances?


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