AWS Certified Solutions Architect Practice Tests SAA-C01 Exam

1. Which of the following statements regarding S3 storage classes is true?


2. A small business specializing in video processing wants to prototype cloud storage in order to lower its costs. However, management is wary of storing its client files in the cloud rather than on premises. They are focused on cost savings and experimenting with the cloud at this time. What is the best solution for their prototype?


3. You have a group of web designers who frequently upload large zip files of images to S3, often in excess of 5 GB. Recently, team members have reported that they are receiving the error “Your proposed upload exceeds the maximum allowed object size.” What action should you take to resolve the upload problems?


4. For which of the following HTTP methods does S3 have eventual consistency? (Choose two.)


5. What is the smallest file size that can be stored on standard class S3?


6. You’ve just created a new S3 bucket named ytmProfilePictures in the US East 2 region. You need the URL of the bucket for some programmatic access. What is the correct bucket URL?


7. You’ve just created a new S3 bucket named ytmProfilePictures in the US East 2 region and created a folder at the root level of the bucket called images/. You’ve turned on website hosting and asked your content team to upload images into the images/ folder. At what URL will these images be available through a web browser?


8. Which of the following statements is true?


9. Which of the following statements is not true?


10. Which of the following AWS services appear in the AWS console across all regions? (Choose two.)


11. Amazon’s EBS volumes are . (Choose two.)


12. You have spent several days of your last DevOps sprint building an AMI upon which all instances of your development team’s application should reside. The application will be deployed into multiple regions and interact with multiple S3 buckets, and you now need the new AMI in us-east-2 and us-west-2, in addition to us-east-1, where you created the AMI. How can you make the new AMI available in us-east-2 and us-west-2?


13. You have an S3 bucket and are working on cost estimates for your customer. She has asked you about pricing of objects stored in S3. There are currently objects in the buckets ranging from 0 bytes to over 1 GB. In this situation, what is the smallest file size that S3-IA will charge you for?


14. You have been tasked with ensuring that data stored in your organization’s RDS instance exists in a minimum of two geographically distributed locations. Which of the following solutions are valid approaches? (Choose two.)


15. Which of the following items are included in an Auto Scaling Launch Configuration?(Choose two.)


16. Which of the following would you use for setting up AMIs from which new instances are created in an Auto Scaling policy?


17. You terminate an EC2 instance and find that the EBS root volume that was attached to the instance was also deleted. How can you correct this?


18. In what manner are EBS snapshots backed up to S3?


19. Can you attach an EBS volume to more than one EC2 instance at the same time?


20. How does AWS allow you to add metadata to your EC2 instances? (Choose two.)