AWS Certified Solutions Architect Practice Tests SAA-C01 Exam

101. Which of the following store content that is served to users in a CloudFront-enabled web application? (Choose two.)


102. Which of the following are true about edge locations? (Choose two.)


103. To which of the following can objects be written? (Choose two.)


104. What does TTL stand for?


105. You support a web application that uses a CloudFront distribution. A banner ad that was posted the previous night at midnight has an error in it, and you’ve been tasked with removing the ad so that users don’t see the error. What steps should you take? (Choose two.)


106. By default, how long do edge locations cache objects?


107. What is the default visibility of a newly created S3 bucket?


108. Which of the following are valid ways to set up access to your buckets? (Choose two.)


109. Which of the following languages is used for writing bucket policies?


110. How are datasets utilized by stored volumes backed up to S3?


111. Which of the following is equivalent to a tape volume?


112. What is Amazon’s petabyte-scale data transport solution?


113. What language(s) are supported by Snowball?


114. When should you use AWS Direct Connect instead of Snowball?


115. What is the difference between Snowball and Snowball Edge?


116. Which of the following can Snowball do?


117. What is the main benefit of decoupling an application?


118. Which of the following AWS services provides analytic data warehouse provisioning and tooling?


119. Which of the following is a basic principle of fault tolerance in AWS?


120. Which of the following services use AWS edge locations?