AWS Certified Solutions Architect Practice Tests SAA-C01 Exam

181. Which of the following is not a valid attribute for an elastic network interface?


182. Why might you use an elastic IP address?


183. Which of the following can you not do with an elastic IP address?


184. Which of the following are advantages of an elastic IP? (Choose two.)


185. Which of the following would you need to do to create an elastic IP address? (Choose two.)


186. Which of these is not a valid means of working with an Amazon EBS snapshot?


187. Where are individual instances provisioned?


188. How are EBS snapshots backed up to S3?


189. You have an existing IAM role in use by several instances in your VPC. You make a change in the role, removing permissions to access S3. When does this change take effect on the instances already attached to the role?


190. How many IAM roles can you attach to a single instance?


191. How can you attach multiple IAM roles to a single instance? (Choose two.)


192. You need to make a change to a role attached to a running instance. What do you need to do to ensure the least amount of downtime? (Choose two.)


193. You have a new set of permissions that you want to attach to a running instance. What do you need to do to ensure the least amount of downtime? (Choose two.)


194. How can you delete a snapshot of an EBS volume when it’s used as the root device of a registered AMI?


195. Which of these is the best option for encrypting data at rest on an EBS volume?


196. How can you ensure that an EBS root volume persists beyond the life of an EC2 instance, in the event that the instance is terminated?


197. Which of the following is not part of the well-architected framework?


198. Which of the following should you attempt to automate, according to the AWS wellarchitected framework? (Choose two.)


199. Which of the following statements are true? (Choose two.)


200. For which of the following is AWS responsible for security? (Choose two.)