AWS Certified Solutions Architect Practice Tests SAA-C01 Exam


1. You have a data analysis application that uses high compute instances along with RDS to do biological analysis on large datasets. The computations are not time sensitive and can be run anytime throughout the day. However, because of the high compute resources required, the processing is quite expensive. What could you do to defray these costs? (Choose two.)


2. Which of the following are valid payment options for reserved instances? (Choose two.)


3. How do you move a reserved instance from one region to another?


4. Which of the following allows you the least expensive access to compute resources?


5. Which of the following are not reasons to select an on-demand instance? (Choose two.)


6. Which of the following are reasons to select a spot instance? (Choose two.)


7. Which of the following are not reasons to select a reserved instance? (Choose two.)


8. Which of the following are reasons to select the S3 standard storage class? (Choose two.)


9. You are the architect for a web application that exists on a cluster of EC2 instances all within an Auto Scaling group. During periods of high activity, the group scales up—adding instances—and then quickly scales back down. However, this occurs multiple times within a two-hour window, incurring significant costs. How could you reduce costs while ensuring that demand is still met? (Choose two.)


10. Your company needs a storage solution that can support millions of customers accessing billing data. The data should be instantly accessible for users, but individual bills are not accessed that often. What is the most cost-efficient storage for this use case?


11. Is the S3-IA storage class less expensive than S3?


12. You have a website running on a fleet of EC2 instances behind an ELB. You also have an Auto Scaling group running across multiple availability zones. The instances are serving files from an EFS file system, but you are incurring lag and significant cost from serving these files from disk over and over. What would you recommend as a solution for reducing costs while still handling high traffic without degradation?


13. You have a large archive of documents that must be backed up. The documents will be accessed very infrequently, if at all. However, when the documents are accessed, they must be delivered within 10 minutes of a retrieval request. What is the most cost-effective option for storing these documents?


14. Your application has a 200 GB database running on an EC2 instance. You cannot move the database to RDS because of a custom spatial plug-in. The application is currently peaking in the morning and the evening, but the peaks are small and usage throughout the day is minimal. You need to ensure solid performance but keep costs low. What storage type would you use?


15. Which EBS volume type is most appropriate for use with a large database workload?


16. Which of the following is the least expensive EBS volume type?


17. Your application currently stores all its data on EBS volumes. You want to ensure that these volumes are backed up durably. However, you also want to use as few different managed services as possible in order to keep backup costs low. What option would you recommend?


18. You are the architect for a highly available and highly scalable accounting application. All transaction records in the application’s data stores must be available for immediate retrieval for three months, but then they should be purged to reduce storage costs. How can you most easily address this requirement?


19. You have heavy load on an RDS data instance. You want to avoid the overhead and cost of upgrading the instance to a larger instance size. What other options should you consider? (Choose two.)


20. You are in charge of storage for large datasets at a predictive analytics firm. You are tasked with minimizing storage costs. You need to store data 30–59 days old in a storage class that makes the data immediately available and data older than 60 days in a class that makes the data available within 10 hours. You want to use the least expensive classes available. Which two storage classes would you choose? (Choose two.)